Welcome to Bengodi!

Welcome to Bengodi!


“Bengodi” is a fictional realm of dreams. This land where the food and drink is plenty, where all lives healthy essentially signifies the longing for happiness in times of hardship. Realm of Bengodi is based on the human happiness. These exists plentitude, light an hope in the realm of Bengodi. We have adopted the name Bengodi exactly for these reasons. We found ourselves in Bengodi on our search for the place where Plentitude, Nature, Happiness, history and Mediterranean geography.



Bengodi, with its Building of natural stone façade designed with rustic elements and 20 rooms surrounding the Ivy Courtyard (6 Deluxe, 10 Bengodi, 4 Premium Bengodi), is home to a magical home – just like it’s name. All the rooms with their luxurious bathrooms and unique placements are designed with comfort in mind; and offer to you the warm and sophisticated Bengodi experience.

  • Eceabat Vineyards

    Our Çanakkale – Eceabat Vineyards, located on the northern hillsides of the Gallipoli peninsula overlooking Imroz (Gökçeada) and Saroz bay, was joined to ourselves with its own story in the year 2017. “Kayalıtepe was born as a plan of escape in the early 90’s. We hoped and strived to leave the life behind with all its baseless worries. We adjoined the meticulously selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with the distinctive soil of Gallipoli in a small cottage, and tended to their every need! In time, the plan did not work and we could escape neither the Life nor Istanbul. However, our efforts lead to a miracle, and this peerless taste which shall accompany you with great joy was brought to your table”, said the diligent vintners as they described the wine they produced.

  • Köprübaşı Vineyards

    In our estate, located in the exact place where Lydians, an ancient wine civilization of Anatoli established their vineyards 3 thousand years ago, near the Gediz River basin -named Hermos in ancient times- at the Manis Salihli / Köprübaşı area and is 650m above sea level, virgin soil glowing with the presence of natural Quartz – most of which was never cultivated before- was with great care cultivated and planted. Our vines are growing with patience and diligence on this journey which we started from scratch.

  • Winery & Cellar

    Our love for Grapes first lead us to this land, and the joy of producing drove us to expend our adventure of production. A beautiful facility to produce the grapes raised in our vineyards. We placed our winery very close to our vineyards, inside Eceabat, considering that the Gallipoli peninsula is a virgin and protected area and in order to both conduct Chateau style winemaking and to allow our visitors to experience our vineyards with convenience.

  • Museum

    The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine.” This quote belongs to the historian Thucydides, who lived in 5th Century BC. Perhaps he did not know, but this great natural revolution was begun in Anatolian lands. Vine and its fruit the grape were cultivated for the first time around the same time in eastern Anatolia, Caucasia and Northern Mesopotamia.

  • Potina Restaurant & Bar

    Bengodi is the soul of Wine and Gastronomy. Bengodi includes in itself with its Potina kitchen includes all recipes, geographies, history, climate, land, tradition and the joy of sharing. In the morning you may enjoy the rich breakfast, order from the snack menu midday, and choose from our 3-couse a la carte menu created with the special touch of our chef and changing based on the season in the evening. You may enjoy our rich drinks menu throughout the day. Wine tastings are however constant…


    Breakfast : 07:00 – 11:00
    Lunch : 12:30 – 16:30
    Dinner : 19:00 – 23:00


    Opening : 07:00
    Closing : 00:00
  • Asmadan Store

    Just as you may purchase the Asmadan products from the production point, you may also find the other branded products of our group – Casari Artisan Cheese and Kirmasti Products- in the Asmadan Store. Our store also serves as the Asmadan Museum Shop.

    Products that you may find in our store; Our wines, Our Olive Oils and Jams, Cheeses, museum goods, books and more…


    Opening : 11:00
    Closing : 23:00

Spa & Wellness

Our Bengodi SPA facilities were designed for your relaxation and rejuvenation. You can start the day with a beautiful breakfast and pool activities, consider the Massage alternatives, enjoy the sauna or rest from the weariness of the day in the Traditional Turkish Bath. Bengodi SPA serves with the Massage therapy, refreshing rooms, bucket shower, adventure shower, snow fountain, sauna and the Traditional Turkish bath.


Our SPA center will continue service at a later date for your health throughout the pandemic.
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